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When you’re ready to start your own carpet and mattress cleaning business, you’ll want to make sure that you get the best deal possible. Learn how to start a carpet and mattress cleaning business with DryMaster to save money, increase profits, and (most importantly) be your own boss.

Why Mattress Cleaning?

Whether it’s always been your dream to start a professional mattress cleaning business or you simply want to add another checkmark to the list of services you offer as a DryMaster Affiliate, learning how to clean mattresses the DryMaster way provides a highly lucrative opportunity to develop a sought-after service in your community.

Stains on mattresses are so unsightly that many homeowners are tempted to throw stained mattresses away. Doing so is wasteful, however, so by starting a residential mattress cleaning business, you can reduce waste and help the environment while also helping homeowners continue to use perfectly good mattresses.

Many consumers have mattresses with too much emotional value to throw away, and certain high-end mattresses are very expensive to replace. Therefore, many potential customers wouldn’t bat an eye at paying nearly $400 for a DryMaster mattress cleaning service.

DryMaster is the Best Mattress Cleaning Business Opportunity

As you consider the best ways to start your mattress cleaning business, remember that DryMaster rewards its Affiliates more than any franchise opportunity ever could. With franchises, there are initial licensing costs and other fees that can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

With DryMaster, however, the only startup cost is the price of our equipment. We help you craft your winning mattress cleaning business plan with a free personal coach, and we even provide you with thousands of dollars of free marketing materials to help you get your business off the ground. With DryMaster, there are no hidden fees, and there are endless opportunities for success.

Download Our Free Business Guide to Learn More

The costs of starting a mattress cleaning business are hard to calculate. You might think that you can save money by starting out on your own, but who’s to say if you could have been making twice your current earnings if you’d gone with an established company?

Some might think that choosing a franchise is the right route, but an abundance of fees and a lack of freedom will make you feel like you have a boss all over again. DryMaster gives you the liberty to pursue your own betterment and then some.

Many of the expenses of running a business only show up down the road. A lack of early marketing, for instance, can impact your growth potential for the life of our business, so getting hooked up with a full DryMaster Affiliate marketing package from the get-go is an ideal way to protect your long-term potential to earn. To learn more about how to make great money as a DryMaster Affiliate, download our free business guide.

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