Start Area Rug Cleaning Business

professional area rug cleaningYou’re ready to start an area rug cleaning business, but you don’t know where to begin. DryMaster is the perfect place to embark on your journey to self-sufficiency and wealth as a business-owner affiliate. Find out more about how to start your own cleaning business the DryMaster way, and download our free business guide to learn just how much you stand to benefit from becoming an Affiliate.

What You Need When Starting an Area Rug Cleaning Business

As a professional dry carpet cleaner, you’ll want to be able to clean any kind of fabric flooring that your clients need cleaned, and that extends to area rugs as well. Usually, it’s necessary to transport area rugs to cleaning facilities, but doing so involves annoying logistical hassles. Customers want the luxury of having their area rugs cleaned in the comfort of their own homes, and they’re willing to pay handsomely for this expert service.

To start an area rug cleaning business, you’ll need the same tools that are required for carpet cleaning. Our DryMaster equipment packages are specially formulated to cover all the needs that will arise as you perform your cleaning service, and each affordable package comes with tons of extra goodies like cleaning supplies and free marketing materials.

DryMaster even provides all new affiliates with their own websites and expert coaching, which makes onboarding with our brand simple and efficient. Don’t worry, however; you are the sole owner of your business. It’s just that you also benefit from being associated with the DryMaster brand, which is one of the most respected names in the dry carpet cleaning industry.

Hallmarks of The Perfect Carpet and Rug Cleaning Business Opportunity

The right area rug cleaning opportunity will provide you with:

  • Cutting-edge carpet and area rug cleaning equipment.
  • Professional-grade cleaning supplies.
  • Print and digital marketing materials.
  • 24/7 affiliate support and business coaching.
  • An instantly recognizable brand that customers associate with excellence.
  • Ability to clean: Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Wool Rugs and Synthetic Rugs.

That’s not all you’ll find waiting for you when you become a DryMaster Affiliate. To find out exactly how much value we pack into every business start-up package, request to download our free business guide.

Is Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning A Good Business to Start?

People will always need their rugs and carpets cleaned, but new technologies are reshaping the carpet cleaning business. It isn’t possible to get away with wet carpet cleaning anymore, and new low moisture technologies, like DryMaster, clean carpets better than ever before.

If you decide to specialize in area rugs as well, you’ll be poised to capture a segment of the market that not many carpet cleaners exploit. Tell your customers that you can clean their rugs as well, and make sure to feature this specialty in your marketing materials.

Through every step of the process, DryMaster will be by your side. With expert coaching, tons of free marketing materials, and a universally recognized brand, DryMaster is the best friend you could have when you’re starting out with a carpet cleaning business. The sky’s the limit with DryMaster⁠—download our free business guide to learn more!