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Expand Your Services with DryMaster RV & Boat Cleaning

Many DryMaster Affiliates overlook the amazing opportunities that auto, RV, and boat cleaning services provide. Even if it wasn’t your original intention to start a boat cleaning business, you'll be able to take more professional car auto cleaningjobs if you expand your horizons beyond mere carpet cleaning.

Want to know the best part? You don’t need any extra equipment to transform your residential cleaning skills into the power to clean RVs and boats for your clients. Your initial DryMaster equipment package will provide everything you need from complimentary marketing materials to next-generation cleaning equipment, so follow the tips in this guide to start making more cash as a DryMaster RV & Boat Cleaning Affiliate.

Start an Auto, Boat and RV Cleaning Business with DryMaster

Running an auto, RV and boat cleaning company is very similar to operating a car interior cleaning business. The main difference is size⁠—some RVs and boats are almost the same size as an average car, but others stretch out 40 feet or longer. Plus, these recreational vehicles contain even more nooks, crannies, and cupboards than cars, which makes cleaning RVs and boats highly lucrative.

Owners of recreational vehicles don’t want to take the time to clean their toys. The next time you’re cleaning a client’s carpets, upholstery, or dryer vent, bring up the RV they keep in the front yard or the boat trailer parked in the driveway. It can’t hurt to ask, and with a little bit of luck, you might start your DryMaster RV cleaning business right then and there.


What Do You Need To Start a DryMaster Cleaning Business?

All it takes to start cleaning RVs and boats with DryMaster is one of our comprehensive Affiliate equipment packages. Unlike other companies that charge franchise fees, you can become a DryMaster affiliate with nothing more than an initial purchase of the cutting-edge equipment you need to get the job done.

To get a full idea of what’s required to start your own RV and boat cleaning business with DryMaster, you’ll need to download our free business guide. This guide walks you through all the steps you’ll need to take to become a DryMaster Affiliate, and it provides you with a detailed analysis of everything you stand to gain by expanding your service options.

As you’ll learn in our business guide, one reason that being successful as a DryMaster Affiliate is so easy is the wealth of free marketing materials you receive with your equipment package. You don’t have to choose between print and online marketing materials with DryMaster⁠—you get both!

What’s more, we even provide on-demand coaching and support as you get started. You’ll be paired with a DryMaster Affiliate just like yourself (only with a little more experience), and you can rely on your coach whenever you want to optimize your profits or offer your services more efficiently. We succeed when you succeed, which is why DryMaster gives you everything you need to start an RV and boat cleaning business with your equipment package.


Auto, Boat and RV Cleaning Business FAQ

Have any questions about cleaning RVs and boats with DryMaster? Read on:

Do I need any extra equipment to clean boats and RVs?

Nope! All you need is your DryMaster equipment package. Cleaning boats and RVs requires a significant amount of skill, however, so you’ll be able to charge top dollar once you master your craft.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Here at DryMaster, we’ve developed a business model that benefits everyone. It turns out that industry conventions like imposing franchising fees and charging income percentages are exploitative and ultimately wasteful, and at DryMaster, we want you to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.


Offer More Services with the Same DryMaster Equipment

The most successful DryMaster Affiliates all have one thing in common: the diversity of the service they offer. Starting with carpet cleaning simply makes sense⁠—this service is straightforward and in high demand.

As you build relationships with your clients, however, you’ll find that the average home or business owner has plenty of spaces and items that need to be cleaned. From yacht upholstery to RV bunks, there’s a lot to clean in recreational vehicles, so positioning yourself as an expert in this niche can be highly profitable.

Even if you just want to clean RVs or boats, having the DryMaster name on your side never hurts. Our brand is universally renowned across the country, and consumers everywhere associate DryMaster with quality. For entrepreneurs who want a leg up without selling their souls, DryMaster can be the perfect gateway to a rich and rewarding career.

Remember to download our free business guide to get a full picture of everything that your DryMaster Affiliate career has to offer. We know the bottom line is your top concern, so scroll to the end of this downloadable PDF document to get an idea of how much an average Affiliate makes per year.