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Take Advantage of This Lucrative Business Opportunity. Be a DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate.

There are over 126 million households in the United States, a large chunk of which are covered by beautiful yet hard-to-clean carpets. With many homeowners not up to the task of maintaining their carpets, cleaning is outsourced to professionals. In fact, the American carpet cleaning industry is a $4.8-billion market that continues to grow every year. Why?

Because cleaning is a job that never goes away.

On top of that, homeowners across the country lay more than 14 billion sq. feet of carpet, all of which needs regular cleaning. Starting a carpet cleaning business, therefore, is a lucrative venture.

Big players are rare in this industry. Carpet cleaning is dominated by 40,000 small, independently owned businesses. The reason? About 80% of carpet cleaning customers are residential customers. They look specifically for local businesses that relate to their needs and offer a personal touch. There are also offices, motels, medical and dental clinics, spas, and other businesses with carpeted waiting rooms in need of regular cleaning.

As an aspiring businessperson, you’re in the perfect position to start a carpet cleaning business. Let’s take look at what you’ll gain when you become a DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate.

Small Business Owners make up MAJORITY of Carpet Cleaning Businesses

Learn the DO's & DON'Ts before starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

You DO have what it takes to be a Successful Individual Small Business Owner

Small Business Owners make up MAJORITY of Carpet Cleaning Businesses

Learn the DO's & DON'Ts before starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

You DO have what it takes to be a Successful Individual Small Business Owner

Carpet Cleaning: The Business You Can Run From Your Home

Our affiliates enjoy a lot of perks on top of huge earnings (which we’ll discuss later). When you start a carpet cleaning business from home, you get to:

  • Work from Home. You don’t need office space or warehouses. All you need is a safe, clean space where you can store your equipment. You can take time off whenever you want.
  • Keep Your Job. You don’t have to quit your day job. You can just allocate a few hours of the week to do carpet cleaning. In fact, the owner of DryMaster™ Systems, Inc., Aaron Ovad, started carpet cleaning as a side business. Eventually, it paid more than his job did, so he left and dedicated his time to the business.
  • Start with One Employee: You. One-man or -woman teams usually earn more profit because they don’t pay technicians. Some of our affiliates are also husband-and-wife tandems who keep all their profits.

A Steady Start: Building Your Business Plan

A business plan is the roadmap that keeps your business on track. A well-structured plan details how your business would operate and how you’re going to make it succeed.

Does it have to be long? No, it doesn’t. Corporations only produce lengthy, comprehensive business plans because they have to attract investors and convince lenders. You aren’t bogged down by that need. Your carpet cleaning business plan will be used mainly for strategy, budget, and metrics. A 5- to 10-page long plan should be fine.

These are the parts of your carpet cleaning business plan:

  • Executive Summary – This is a short but complete description of your carpet cleaning venture. It details your target customers, the cleaning problems that they have, your DryMaster™ solutions, and your team.
  • Business Opportunity – This section describes the carpet cleaning market in your area, including:
    • 1. Target Market – This defines your ideal customer (their address, age, income, etc.).
    • 2. Market Trends – This enumerates trends happening among your target market.
    • 3. Competitors – This details who you’re up against and their unique selling propositions.
  • Execution – This describes your operations and sales, including your:
    • 1. Products and Services – This details the DryMaster™ equipment you’ll use.
    • 2. Marketing and Sales – This includes the techniques you’ll do to reach your customers, including your DryMaster™ marketing package.
    • 3. Operations – This details the specifics of your carpet cleaning business, like the location.
    • 4. Metrics and Milestones – This enumerates your tasks, sales target, and other key metrics
  • Team – This section describes the structure of your company and the number of personnel.
  • Financial Plan – A component that details the sales forecast, profit and loss statement, cash flow, and more.

Need help planning your business? Contact us to request a free business guide.

Initial Investment: How Much Do You Need to be a DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate?

One of the perks of being a DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate is the surprisingly low start-up cost of a carpet cleaning business. Since DryMaster™ is not a franchise, there’s no $50,000 – $150,000 franchise fee, an astronomical figure that’s typical of most franchise endeavors. There’s no licensing or monthly royalty fees either. You get to keep 100% of your profits.

DryMaster™ start-ups can cost anywhere from $2,030 to $12,595. This is very low, compared to the roughly $42,000 price tag of other carpet cleaning franchises.

One of our packages — the DryMaster™ Complete Professional Carpet Cleaning Business Package — costs $3,790. This initial, one-time investment includes everything you need to launch your carpet cleaning business:

  • The DryMaster™ Patented “Dry Formula” Carpet Extraction System
  • DryMaster™ Formula Patented Carpet Detergents
  • The Getting Started Business Manual
  • A Dedicated Personal Coach
  • Promotional Tools and Access to an Online Affiliate Portal

Want go beyond carpet cleaning? Inquire about the DryMaster™ Fully Loaded Premium Package. This limited-time offer costs $5,995 and includes:

  • The Complete Carpet Cleaning Package
  • An Upholstery and Area Rug Cleaning Package
  • Full Marketing Package

DryMaster™ is also proud to offer financing options to qualified individuals. Get in touch to learn more.

The Return on Investment: How Much Will You Earn?

Carpet cleaning often has high profit margins (75–85%). You have a potential to earn $14,000 or more in a month.

One of the things that affect your earnings is your business structure. DryMaster™ affiliates can choose from three business models:

  • You, the business owner, are the sole technician (the one who does the carpet cleaning).
  • You employ one or more technicians, but you also provide carpet cleaning service.
  • You employ technicians who do all the carpet cleaning.

Regardless of business model, a carpet cleaning business is a lucrative opportunity. If you’re the sole technician, you earn an even larger profit per machine.

Say you earn $980 per day (based on 2-4 jobs).

  Daily Earnings Labor Cost Profit (Earnings minus Labor Cost) Weekly Profit (Profit * 5 days) Monthly Profit (Weekly Profit * 4.3 weeks)
With One Technician $980 $294 $686 $3,430 $14,749
You’re The Technician $980 0 $980 $4,900 $21,070

The best part is that DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliates enjoy a rate of repeat business of 97%. Our services are so trusted that 91% of our affiliates’ customer leads come from word of mouth or personal recommendations.

The Cleaners: The Equipment for Your DryMaster™ Business

DryMaster™ offers a wide range of carpet cleaning equipment for your business. Choose from our extensive selection:

  • DryMaster™ 3-Gallon Soil Extraction System – This can clean carpets in both residential and commercial settings. It works very well with our upholstery cleaning machine.
  • DryMaster™ Upholstery Cleaning Machine – This delivers high-quality cleaning for all types of upholstery jobs.
  • DryMaster™ 5-Gallon Soil Extraction System – This cleans both carpet and upholstery in homes and offices.
  • DryMaster™ 12-Gallon Soil Extraction System – This powerful extractor comes with a wand attachment for even more efficient cleaning capabilities.

DryMaster™ can create custom packages for the business you envision. Contact us for inquiries.

The Challenges You’ll Face as a Full-Fledged Business Owner

Like any business, being a DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate comes with several business challenges. Here are some common ones, and the solutions we’ve found to help you overcome the hurdle.

Retaining Technicians. Employees who are satisfied are more productive and stay with your business longer. Your personal coach will train you in employee management, so you’ll build strong work relationships with your personnel.

Maximizing Profit Margins. New entrepreneurs are often at a loss on how to maximize profit margins. Some even make costly mistakes that cripple their young ventures. Our team will help you price your services strategically to ensure profitability.

Inconsistent Customer Services. Our affiliates enjoy a high rate of repeat business because they provide great services consistently. Our personal coach will share strategies that will help you maintain a high standard of services.

If you’re looking to start your own carpet cleaning business, then become a DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate today. You’ll enjoy a flexible schedule and large profit margins -- plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of our low investment cost and complete equipment and business start-up/operations training.

Achieve financial freedom with DryMaster™ Systems, Inc. Contact us today and let’s discuss your carpet cleaning venture.