Real DryMaster™ Stories

Sonnie Cohen
Pure Green Carpet Cleaning
DryMaster™ Affiliate
“If anyone doubted the potential of DryMaster, my story should help change your mind. With DryMaster systems by my side I entered what can be argued as the most competitive market in the country in the middle of the greatest recession our generation has ever faced and I’ve never looked back. I am very happy with where I am at this point and I am only going to continue to grow. A little over a year into my business I am averaging $4000 a week. I wish nothing but success for all of my friends at DryMaster because that is precisely what they have given me. I succeeded faster than I could have ever imagined.”
David Vaknin
Clean-Dry Carpet Care
DryMaster™ Affiliate
“Thanks to DryMaster, my life has changed 180 degrees. They helped me open the best cleaning services in my area. I have a huge happy customer base and life is good to me now! I am able to afford things that I never dreamed I could before. Last year I made $135,000.00. I live very comfortably and got married a few years ago. Thank you DryMaster for giving me this opportunity. I’m blessing the day I first came across you. Thank you for your incredible support and for the goodness and satisfaction this business provides me.”
Lloyd Moore
Clean-Dry Carpet Care
DryMaster™ Affiliate
“I started using the DryMaster system in January 2009. With the help of my DryMaster rep, I was able to ease into a rhythm that led to success. My coach is always available; may it be addressing my concerns about the equipment/cleaning solutions or just keeping in touch. Two months from my start date, I was able to replace my income and leave my full-time job. I look forward to expanding the business by hiring employees. I have tried other cleaning solutions; so, trust me when I say, “DryMaster cleaning solutions are the best!”

More Testimonials from DryMaster™ Affiliates

  • "I would like to thank you for making this opportunity available to me. Soon after my retirement, it became apparent that I was not the rocking-chair type. I began looking for a business opportunity. The offers that I received promised big profits for very little work. Needless to say, that never came to pass. I always ended up sending in money and making none. This was very discouraging. When I received your offer, my first inclination was to toss it. Then something caught my eye. Yours was certainly a switch from the offers that had previously flooded my mailbox. I read your package in detail. It sounded practical and believable. I accepted. As it was a service that most people need, I made money immediately."
    Henry Dominick
    Temple Terrace, FL
    DryMaster™ Affiliate
  • I've been an Affiliate for about 4 months now, I am doing about 3-4 jobs a day.
    And I just landed a job which consists of approximately 1900 sq.ft. and 24 steps that will be about a 4-5 hour job, and I will make $650...not bad for 4-5 hours of fun and easy work, huh? The jobs are really lining up by just word of mouth and the marketing materials that you get when you become an Affiliate, getting customers is easy. I'm looking forward to a long, successful, and fulfilling career as a DryMaster Affiliate! Thanks DryMasterSystems!
    Ron Farrel
    Fridley, Mn.
    DryMaster™ Affiliate
  • “I just wanted to let you know that I grossed $2067.78 last week on two residential and one commercial job.”
    Ruth Stewart
    Ruthie’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
    Stoneridge, PA
    DryMaster™ Affiliate