Spray Tips Spray Dry Shampoo

Spray tips located above the bristled brush spray the dry shampoo onto the carpet, while the brush agitates the carpet to allow for complete penetration of the cleaning agent.

Bristle Brush Oscillates and Rotates at 2500 RPM

The DryMaster™ Bristle Brush oscillates and rotates with a speed of 2500 RPM, in order to effectively disrupt and remove all stains and dirt from the carpet.

Powerful Vacuum: Lifts dirt, stains, and tainted solution

A strong, powerful vacuum lifts all of the dirt, stains, and dirty solution back into the system’s recovery tank, leaving the carpet clean, sanitized, fresh, and spotless. The carpet will be barely damp, allowing it to dry within 1-3 hours. Also, since the system does not use steam, there is no chance of leaving mildew behind which can remain inside and underneath the carpet.

DryMaster™ Dry Carpet Cleaning Technology

The traditional ‘old school’ steam cleaning methods are no longer the only way to keep carpets clean and become less and less popular. In recent years, developers have created new carpet care technologies. One of the recent innovations is dry carpet cleaning. The method utilizes encapsulation or compound cleaning technology, special machines, and chemicals that require little to almost no moisture application.

Dry carpet cleaning is a popular cleaning option because you can walk on the carpet almost immediately after the treatment. This convenience matters, especially to businesses and homeowners that cannot pause their operations for a lengthy carpet cleaning service.

DryMaster’s™ Alternative to Steam Cleaning

DryMaster business owners may wonder, “is steam or dry carpet cleaning better?” You want your business to offer your clients the absolute best the industry has to offer. If you are exploring the option of becoming a DryMaster’s™ affiliate and owning your own business, it’s important to know the ins and outs of what makes dry carpet cleaning the superior method in the industry.

Steam cleaning is a tried and tested method that uses a hot water extraction process to vacuum out the dirty water and chemicals from the carpet. The system, however, cannot rinse all of the particles away. It leaves the carpet moist and prone to the development of residual soil. It leaves sticky residues on the carpet that attract dirt like magnets, thus making the carpets resoil at a faster and even becomes dirtier than before it was cleaned. It also prevents the carpet owner from being able to use their carpets for up to 24 to 36 hours due to excess moisture.

Furthermore,  with steam truck mount cleaning you are limited with types of carpets and upholstery you can clean and additionally, you can’t clean higher floored apartments and businesses. Steam truck mount systems require high maintenance and can be very costly to maintain and repair.

Steam cleaning method leaves behind excess moisture in the pad and carpet that can also cause odors to develop, mold to grow, and the carpet backing to shrink and browning of the carpet may occur. This can permanently damage the carpet and negatively impact your health.

Additionally, the dry carpet cleaning method, as the name suggests, leaves the carpet dry almost immediately after treatment. Typically, 1-3 hours. Carpet owners don’t have to worry about detergent residue on the carpet fibers as it resists re-soiling and wicking. Additionally, the process uses minimal amounts of water and therefore there is minimal waste discharge. The effectiveness and efficiency of dry carpet cleaning has made it a hit among carpet owners and cleaners.

Understanding the Dry Cleaning Process

Dry carpet cleaning relies on the interaction between dry compounds and cleaning solutions to clean carpets without leaving much moisture. Carpet cleaning technicians spray pre-conditioners and pre-treatments (emulsifiers or detergents that break the binding of the soils to the carpet fibers) onto the carpet before they use their dry carpet cleaning tools. These cleansers dissolve the greasy films that prevent the vacuum from removing the soil. In some cases, technicians also use biodegradable cleaning compounds to thoroughly clean the carpet.

A hand brush can work in smaller areas, such as homes. For commercial applications, carpet cleaners prefer high pressured machines and or  scrubbing machines like DryMaster Systems to clean all layers of the carpet. Its advanced “Dry Formula” technology system sets the bar high for professional carpet cleaning. As a first-in-class equipment, it provides superior technology that keeps carpets clean and lengthens their lifespan. As a business owner, you can feel confident you are bringing your clients a reliable and effective carpet cleaning method.

The Gold Standard in Dry Carpet Cleaning Technology

DryMaster Systems has cultivated the ultimate dry carpet cleaning system. The methods DryMaster Systems utilizes are eco-friendly, do not use harsh or harmful chemicals, and allow carpet owners to use their carpets almost immediately. The technology our affiliates provide their clients are the best methods available in today’s carpet cleaning industry.

Instant Dry Solution

DryMaster Systems’ “instant dry” solution extracts dirt in just one pass without leaving sticky residue. Since the machine uses low moisture detergent, the carpet is dry within a few short hours after the treatment. The system means carpet owners don’t have to risk dry-rot, shrinkage, mildew, or browning in order to clean their carpets.

Dry Shampoo Technology

The DryMaster Systems’ machine’s bristled brush has tips that spray dry shampoo onto the carpet. The brush will then agitate the carpet to allow the cleaning agent to penetrate completely. The DryMaster’s Bristle Brush rotates and oscillates with a speed of 2500 RPM. This enables the carpet cleaning system to effectively remove all stains and dirt.

Powerful Vacuum

A strong vacuum sucks up all of the stains, dirt, and chemicals back into the system’s recovery tank. The result is a 100% sanitized and clean carpet. Since the carpet is barely damp, it will dry within 1 to 3 hours. Also, since the machine doesn’t use steam, mildew won’t get a chance to remain and grow underneath or inside the carpet.

Quiet and Easy Equipment Handling

What sets the DryMaster apart from other machines? Apart from being mobile and durable, it is also a quick and quiet dry carpet cleaning vacuum. It finishes the job faster compared to other carpet cleaning systems. The DryMaster is compact and lightweight, as well. Anyone can easily carry or transport the machine whenever and wherever.

It’s no wonder that many small business owners in the cleaning industry choose DryMaster. The system is an all-in-one solution that keeps clients happy and business in good shape.

Partner with a Trusted Name

Success in the professional carpet cleaning business requires expert help. DryMaster Systems has been in the business for over 25 years, and we have helped hundreds of our affiliates become prosperous business owners by providing instant access to superior dry carpet cleaning technology and products. You could be one of them, too.

Small business owners who join our pool affiliates will not just benefit from our superior carpet cleaning technology. They will also gain the following benefits.

Ongoing Training and Technical Support

We provide affiliates with unlimited access to training and technical support in all phases of their business venture. Our team of trained carpet cleaner coaches directly train you in every aspect of the business, from the technology involved and the best way to dry clean a carpet to proper management techniques and marketing strategies.

Our coaches are always available to guide you. Tell them about your goals, and they will map out an action plan. If you’d like to get started now, check out our complete guide to the carpet cleaning business here.

Marketing Access and Guidance

All of our DryMaster affiliates receive tried-and-tested marketing and advertising tools to help launch their business and sustain customer growth. Our marketing package includes the following:

  • Print materials for marketing (e.g., carpet cleaning brochures, print ads, flyers for cars, and door hangers)
  • Magnetic and customizable vehicle door signs
  • Branded apparel

Access to online store and portal for affiliates

We always add to our pool of tools, resources, and materials to ensure we stay up-to-date with the current dry carpet cleaning and marketing. Affiliates who need advanced marketing support resources can trust us to provide customized websites, digital marketing, and discounted pricing.

Preferred DryMaster Affiliate Discounts

Our affiliates enjoy discounts, monthly promotions, and preferred pricing for all of our equipment and products. You can easily shop for products and equipment through our exclusive affiliate portal, which is on our website. We will also include you on our email newsletter distribution group to keep you in the loop about our special promotions and discounts.

More homeowners choose dry carpet cleaning for their carpets. Make sure they choose your business by equipping your shop with superior carpet cleaning technology. Become an affiliate of DryMaster Systems today. Call us for more information on how to start a dry cleaning business from home.