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DryMaster dry carpet cleaning methods are proven to work better than wet carpet cleaning, which is why customers flock to DryMaster Affiliates. Our revolutionary dry carpet cleaner machine lifts up dirt and uses a super-effective, low-moisture carpet cleaning shampoo to deliver business-boosting results each and every time. Learn everything you need to know about dry carpet cleaning business opportunities with DryMaster and how they can give you the economic independence you’re searching for.

carpet-cleaningHow to Start a Dry Carpet Cleaning Business

Starting a carpet cleaning business isn’t always easy. If you decide to go it alone and create your own brand, you’ll have a hard time attracting customers. If you choose to start your business with a traditional franchise agreement, however, you’ll have to pay hefty licensing fees for the privilege of using your parent company’s name.

Everything’s different with DryMaster. All you need to get started as a DryMaster affiliate is one of our natural dry carpet cleaner packages. For the low price of one of our time-tested dry carpet cleaning systems, you gain access to all the supplies, print marketing materials, and online marketing resources you need to get your business off to a good start. Best of all, there are no licensing fees to worry about, and as a DryMaster Affiliate, you own 100% of your business.


Make Incredible Carpet Cleaning Business Income

Home and business owners are happy to pay good money for carpet cleaning services. However, most carpet cleaning technicians and carpet cleaning business owners end up getting stiffed for a lot of the money they should be making. Why? Because licensing fees, equipment costs, and other margin-killers get in the way of making a decent profit.

With DryMaster, however, you’re free to keep as much of what you make as you like. Some of our Affiliates choose to hire additional technicians, but many DryMaster Affiliates go it alone to keep all the cash to themselves. Whichever approach you choose, the low cost of our equipment and supplies combined with our free marketing materials and total lack of licensing fees makes DryMaster the right choice if you want to be paid fairly for your work.

Why Customers Love DryMaster

Your business will thrive if you can get clients and keep them over the years. We already make it easy to find customers with our 100% free offline and online marketing materials, but there’s another reason that home and business owners stick with DryMaster after just one cleaning: RESULTS!

Traditional wet carpet cleaning methods can do more harm than good. Carpet cleaning fluid seeps into subflooring, which causes dry rot, brown stains, and shrinkage. This outdated carpet cleaning method makes it impossible to walk on cleaned carpet for hours or even days after the job is done, and some wet carpet cleaning methods can even make your carpet buckle.

Here at DryMaster, however, we’ve developed the most efficient, effective, and safest carpet cleaning method ever devised. Our carpet cleaning equipment only leaves a light layer of moisture behind that dries in just an hour or two. Plus, our one-of-a-kind dry carpet cleaning shampoo provides better results than any wet carpet cleaning agent ever could.

From homes to offices to hotels to government buildings, customers all over the country depend on the efficacy and precision of the DryMaster method. Before you even start your business as a DryMaster Affiliate, customers around the country will know your name, and you won’t have to work to prove yourself. All you need is the DryMaster name to get started in style, and we don’t even charge you any licensing fees!

The DryMaster Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package

When you choose to become a DryMaster Affiliate, you aren’t stuck with a single boring equipment option. While all of our high-quality packages come with the DryMaster seal of approval, we offer a diversity of options to fit any budget or business plan.

While you can pick any combination of DryMaster equipment you like, we’ve put together two special combo packages that meet the needs of most affiliates. Our Power Package GTX contains our 12-gallon box extractor, a 250 PSI pump, two Vac Sol hoses, and all the detergents and supplies you need to start your business.

If you want to take things a step further, however, you can choose our Power Package NOVAX with tile and grout cleaning. This combo pack features a 13-gallon box extractor, a pump that can reach up to 1200 PSI, and other special add-ons. Plus, when you get this heavy-duty package, we give you 20% off all your DryMaster supply purchases.

Whichever package you choose, remember that DryMaster sticks with you every step of the way. Whenever you want further education or expert, one-on-one coaching, we’re standing by to take your DryMaster Affiliate business to the next level. Get started today to access our huge DryMaster customer base and enjoy the profits you deserve!