DryMaster™ Equipment Options

DryMaster™ System’s vast equipment offering caters to the needs and requirements of every type of carpet cleaning business owner. Our inventory of machines includes cleaning equipment for business owners who may, for example require:

Light, Portable, and Powerful Machines

For business owners who prefer operating lighter machines, and require ease of maneuverability, we offer the DryMaster™ 3-Gallon Soil Extraction System,, which still packs a very powerful punch when cleaning carpets in both residential and commercial settings. This machine couples very well with our DryMaster™ Upholstery Cleaning Machine, as it is also very easy to lift and delivers high-quality cleaning for all types of upholstery jobs. This duo of machines allows the business owner to simultaneously service two different jobs at different locations.

Bigger, More Powerful, Larger Jobs & still Portable

For business owners who require larger machines and frequently service larger jobs, DryMaster™ offers the very powerful DryMaster™ 5-Gallon Soil Extraction System, which can clean BOTH carpet and upholstery in residential and commercial settings. The Polaris is available in the following sizes: 5 Gallon, 7 Gallon, 8 Gallon, or 12 Gallon. The Polaris is a larger machine, yet very easy to operate, transport, and maneuver.
Another equipment option is the DryMaster™ 12-Gallon Extraction System with wand.

DryMaster™ Systems can develop custom packages for business owners, based on the requirements and needs of each carpet cleaning business.

Our 12-Gallon Extraction System is First-In-Class Equipment, and consistently earns top scores for its quality and performance.

Please contact us for a custom quote on a bundled equipment package.