Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Make No Mistake — Accidents Will Happen

Urine smell from pets can ruin the most beautiful of homes. What makes dealing with that urine smell especially difficult is that after just a few weeks, the unsuspecting pet owner can become completely desensitized to the dog-carpetsmell, not realizing how offensive it really is to visiting family and friends.

Urine odor from pets goes beyond home-owner embarrassment.   For example, homeowners considering putting their home on the market, such offensive pet odors will directly affect the price of the sale.

Many of your customers experience pet odor in  their carpets and upholstery, and no matter how much they clean, they can’t get it to go away!  Sometimes it can be a customer’s tenant who has allowed their pet to soil the carpets, or taken in a new puppy who had lots of accidents throughout the unit.  Even older cats have a hard time using their litter boxes correctly, and eventually start soiling the surrounding carpets.  All of these common scenarios present typical client cases for our DryMaster Affiliates.

Dog and/or cat urine is a combination of ammonia, bacteria, hormones, nitrogen and uric acid. It’s the uric acid that creates a lingering smell even after you’ve cleaned up after your dog. It can be especially potent when the air is humid.

Since the canine sense of smell is hundreds of times more powerful than  that of human beings, it’s important to remove all traces of urine odor. If you don’t, your dog is very likely return to the same spot to do it all over again.

DryMaster specializes in permanently removing and eliminating severe cases of nasty odors, directly at the source.

We will inspect your carpet and determine where the odors come from and then inject the DryMaster neutralizer directly into the padding where the problem is. Our product will attack the molecules of the odor and not just mask it. After treatment, the carpet and house will smell fresh and will no longer have any pet’s odors or smell.