Difference Between a Carpet Cleaning Machine and Floor Cleaning Machine
Maintaining cleanliness in carpets and floors is vital for a healthier indoor environment. These areas can become breeding grounds for allergens, dust, bacteria, mold, and viruses, which pose risks to health.
Small Business Tips for Carpet Cleaning Businesses (2024)
To achieve success in the carpet cleaning industry in 2024, it’s essential to blend conventional business tactics with embracing emerging trends and technologies. The following tips can help your small carpet cleaning business thrive.
Carpet Cleaning Technician Jobs
Explore what it takes to become a professional carpet cleaner, including the technical aspects of cleaning residential and commercial carpets and softer skills like customer communication.
Must Have Equipment & Tools For Air Duct Cleaning Business
To run an air duct cleaning business successfully, you need more than just a fundamental grasp of HVAC systems; having the right specialized tools and equipment is essential.
7 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business
Starting a carpet cleaning business involves much more than just purchasing equipment and advertising services. Asking the right questions before you jump in can position your enterprise for success.
A Comprehensive Guide to Rug Care
Rugs come in different shapes, colors, and materials. They protect your floors from damage and add to your overall aesthetic. Rugs also help muffle sounds and keep your feet at a comfortable temperature.
Choosing a Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Machine
According to a market report, the global floor cleaning machines market size was valued at $5.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $8.5 billion by 2031, demonstrating a demand for cleaning services.
Deep professional carpet cleaning with steam wand and light.
When running a carpet cleaning business, selecting the right equipment is crucial for achieving high-quality results and customer satisfaction. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines are popular due to their effectiveness in deep cleaning and stain removal, making them an essential tool when starting your carpet cleaning business.
Variety of clean rugs hanging for article "How To Start A Rug Cleaning Business."
Most carpet cleaning businesses include rug cleaning services; however, specializing in rug cleaning can be a lucrative focus when breaking into the industry. Knowing how to start your rug cleaning business will help you take the first step in owning your own company and finding loyal customers.
Guide to Writing a Carpet Cleaning Business Plan
When starting a carpet cleaning business, creating a well-thought-out business plan is integral to your vision. A comprehensive plan acts as a roadmap, guiding entrepreneurs through the complex elements of starting a new company.
Post Construction Cleaning Equipment, Tools and Supplies
If you own a carpet cleaning business that takes on post construction cleaning jobs, you know how challenging it can be to remove the dust, debris, and other construction materials left behind. Cleaners need the right equipment, tools, and supplies to complete a commercial or residential post construction cleaning job.
Local SEO guide for carpet cleaning business owners.
Local search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any carpet cleaning business looking to attract new customers and retain current clients.
Carpet Cleaner Vs. Carpet Extractor: What’s the Difference?
As a carpet cleaning business owner, you need to buy the right equipment for your operation. Choosing between a carpet cleaner and a carpet extractor to clean your clients’ homes or commercial spaces is a significant decision and is part of the cost of starting a carpet cleaning business.
Earn extra money with a carpet cleaning side hustle. Picture of "main and side" job blocks.
Discover several ideas for starting your own side gig, like a carpet cleaning business, and how you can boost your income with a successful side hustle.
Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business? 6 Must-Have Tools
Discover six must-have tools for starting your carpet cleaning business, and learn how you can minimize professional carpet cleaning equipment costs with DryMaster Solutions.
Professional carpet cleaner using single jet DryMaster carpet extractor on commercial carpets.
Explore eight tips for choosing the right carpet cleaner to help you hire trained professionals who will get the job done correctly at an affordable price.
How To Remove Pet and Mold Smells From Carpets
Learn the best way to get rid of pet, human and mold smells on commercial or residential carpets to grow your carpet cleaning business and improve your customers’ living environment.
Carpet Cleaning Brush Types

Carpet Cleaning Brush Types

To ensure you use the right carpet cleaning brush, familiarize yourself with different types of brushes for carpet cleaning and learn why using high-quality equipment and brushes is vital to your business.
Vacuum cleaning a beige carpet.

Guide To Carpet Cleaning Costs

Carpeting can elevate and beautify any home or commercial space. However, daily wear and tear can cause your cherished carpets to accumulate dirt and stains, making your space look dull and unattractive.
How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?
Although the EPA doesn’t endorse duct cleaning to address health issues, most spaces can benefit from air duct cleaning every two to five years.
Tax tips for carpet and upholstery cleaning business
Uncover a few of the top tax tips for carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses to take advantage of work-related deductions and ensure your business is ready to file come tax time.