Dry carpet cleaning affiliate removing dirt from carpet in apartment flat.
When starting your own carpet cleaning business, one of the most important decisions is to know how to structure your company. Both an LLC and a Corporation protect you from limited personal liability and various tax advantages. Continue reading to learn more about the different business formation options we recommend for starting a carpet cleaning business.
Promoting a carpet cleaning business using social media.
It seems like a new way to promote your business pops up every day. Social media, pay-per-click ads, and SEO are all great ways to drive web traffic and boost business leads.
Carpet cleaning website Wordpress theme's top fold.
To effectively market your carpet cleaning business in the digital age, you’ll need a carpet cleaning website. As a DryMaster Affiliate, we provide you with a basic website for free, but it’s up to you to personalize your site and take certain steps to drive traffic and conversions.
Is carpet cleaning a good business to start?
The domestic carpet cleaning industry is valued at $3.8 billion. This industry is dominated by local small businesses that historically increase at a rate of 5% per year.
Which is better? Dry carpet cleaning or wet carpet cleaning
No carpet cleaning method is completely dry. Some approaches to carpet cleaning, however, completely soak your carpets, padding, and subfloors while others use light amounts of moisture to gently remove dirt and stains.
DryMaster carpet cleaning job before and after.
Cody Witkowski from Morgantown, West Virginia, recently joined DryMaster as a carpet cleaning affiliate and produced numbers that are worth bragging about.
Woman looking at different carpet cleaning advertising ideas
A lot has changed in the last year. While all of the points we covered in our guide to marketing your carpet cleaning business online hold true, it’s important to take a look at some of the other avenues you can use to market your carpet cleaning business in light of recent events.
The ultimate guide to carpet cleaning business insurance
There are a lot of variables you should factor into the cost of starting a carpet cleaning business.
Start A Sanitizing Business

How To Start A Sanitizing Business

Due to COVID-19, sanitizing services are in more demand than ever before. Learn the benefits of starting a sanitizing business as a DryMaster Affiliate.
Counter Strike surface sanitizing machine
Overview of DryMaster's Counter Strike sanitizing system that is designed to effectively disinfect surfaces and touch points in facilities and other public areas amid concerns over COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic.
Cloud based software for carpet cleaning business
Gain a tremendous competitive advantage for your carpet cleaning business by using centralized scheduling, billing and reporting software. We have reviewed 6 of the best software solutions for 2020.
Carpet cleaning businesses in demand in spite of coronavirus
Overview of why DryMaster services are in demand in spite of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic with a specific mention of sanitation services, and a look into how DryMaster affiliates are immune to economic turmoil as an essential service.
5 common mistakes when starting a new carpet cleaning business
Making mistakes when you’re starting out with a carpet cleaning business is natural, but DryMaster makes things easy with awesome equipment, incredible coaching, and in-depth support materials.
Carpet cleaning marketing ideas

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas

Using marketing strategies to promote your carpet cleaning business is a great way to increase your customer base. Here are 4 proven marketing strategies you must do.
Carpet cleaning business income
Traditionally, a variety of factors have artificially limited the potential profits of becoming a carpet cleaning professional. Despite great advances in culture, many employment relationships remain inherently exploitative, and nowhere is this trend more apparent than in the carpet cleaning franchise industry. Again and again, we’ve heard stories of outrageous initial franchising fees, even higher
How to start a duct cleaning business
As a DryMaster affiliate, you’re no doubt becoming aware of the huge market that exists across the broad category of “professional cleaning” services and companies. Business opportunities such as carpet & upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and area rug cleaning franchises are representative of markets that are in need of such services 24 hours
Upholstery cleaning business
Making money with your own upholstery cleaning business is easier than you’d think. Make your self-employment dreams come true as a DryMaster upholstery cleaning affiliate.
Persian rug cleaning before and after
At DryMaster Systems we take great pride in cleaning area rugs. Recently, one of our Affiliates sent us these before and after pictures of a happy client. This Persian rug was completely destroyed when our Affiliate went to consult the client. As bad as it looked, we knew using our dry cleaning equipment, all the
Ultimate Guide: DryMaster Carpet Cleaning Business Start Up Package
Here at DryMaster, we make it easy to start your own carpet cleaning business as a DryMaster Affiliate. While other companies will force you to sign licensing agreements and pay hefty initial fees, all you need to get started with a DryMaster company of your own is one of our exceptional carpet cleaning business equipment
How much does it cost to start a carpet cleaning business?
Dirt, bacteria, germs are almost everywhere, and for all the mess it creates, homes and businesses are willing to pay for a cleaner and safer carpets. This offers an opportunity to start your own carpet cleaning business.
carpet cleaning franchise vs carpet cleaning affiliate
As a carpet cleaning business or technician, your goal is to make ends meet and grow your business as fast as possible. However, some approaches to doing business as a carpet cleaning professional are more lucrative and rewarding than others. Learn about the differences between franchises and affiliates and how to make the most money