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Frequently Asked Questions

There is constantly a large demand in the residential sector for high quality, low-cost carpet cleaning services. Many of our clients are repeat-customers, because either they are parents who are concerned about maintaining clean floors for their children, pet owners who are looking to get rid of urine stains or pet odors in the carpets, or general home owners looking to maintain the quality of their carpets. Moreover, referrals from these loyal customers will create new future business and other future loyal clientele for you.

Competition is a good sign. The more carpet cleaners you see in your area, the better - it’s a sign of a high healthy demand for carpet & upholstery cleaning services. However, many of your competitors have high overhead costs since they are not home-based businesses, and thus are charging significantly higher rates for the service. As a DryMaster™ business owner, you will be able to charge less yet make more of a profit. In addition, you will begin to realize customers prefer businesses which deliver a “personal touch” and are able to relate to their needs. Moreover, the superior marketing and advertisement support you will receive from DryMaster™ Systems will absolutely set you apart from the competition.

NO! DryMaster™ is not a franchise, although our support services are far better than many costly franchises. The initial one-time, affordable investment cost includes everything you will need to launch your carpet and upholstery cleaning business successfully. You are entirely in business for yourself, and you keep 100% of your profits - ALWAYS!

Absolutely. The beauty of the exclusive DryMaster™ machine is its simplicity and ease of use. You’ll be able to service customers just a few days after you receive your DryMaster™ equipment.

You’ll get more customers than you can handle without face-to-face selling. DryMaster™ gives you all the direct mail and print ad materials you need to get prospects to call YOU. Our promotion strategies are proven to work. People who call you will already be pre-sold. All you need to do is ask what they want done, and do the job. It’s as simple as that. As a matter of fact, you will have work lined up even before your equipment arrives just by talking to friends and family about your new business.

The answer is BOTH! 7 of 10 residential customers are actually women, and thus are able to relate to female DryMaster™ affiliates and business owners. On the same token, the average customer is upper middle-class and demonstrates high level of loyalty and quality referrals, which equates to dependable repeat-business.

YES, very often! A husband & wife team can operate as a very successful business, and in fact, many of our husband & wife affiliates say they make more money now as a DryMaster™ affiliate than they ever did before!

No, absolutely not. This is not a moving job. In fact, customers will not want their heavy pieces of furniture touched. The only things you move are small chairs, magazine racks, etc. And you are not moving them out of the
room. You simply move them a few feet over, clean carpet and put them right back in their place. There is no major
furniture moving involved with this job. In fact, the average carpet cleaning job can be easily handled by one person.

One gallon of DryMaster™ detergent cleans approximately 8,000 square feet of carpet area. On average, it will cost you about $5 to clean an area of about 2,000 square feet. You can charge your customer $400 to $450 or more for an area that size. Thus, as you can see, the cost of detergent and supplies is minimal in comparison to the potential profit.

Yes. A full five-year warranty on parts and labor, and up to 6 years on the solution tank.

Your DryMaster™ machine is very powerful, heavy duty, and built to provide you with years of state-of-the-art performance. Should it need repair after your warranty expires, we have hundreds of authorized repair centers all
over the country. Actually, most repairs are simple enough to repair yourself.
You just locate the part number on the machine diagram in the manual and call us to order it. We also offer extended warranties..

Absolutely. In fact, a portion of our current affiliates further expanded their existing carpet cleaning business utilizing superior DryMaster™ equipment and technology, and implementing our marketing and advertisement tools and techniques.

We invest in you, teaching you the business and in return you will buy your needed detergents, business supplies, and additional machines/equipment from us as you expand. At that point we will generate a profit. Therefore, we only accept highly-motivated and qualified prospects / business buyers for the DryMaster™ Affiliateship.