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With a pH of 10.5 when concentrated and a proprietary, stain-busting formula, this DryMaster lane-cleaning pretreatment emulsifies tough spots, dirt and traffic areas in carpet to make them easier to remove and clean.

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Traffic Lane Cleaning Solution

An Aggressive cleaning agent that provides excellent emulsification of soils & spots found in high traffic areas. This carpet traffic lane cleaner pretreats problem areas in carpet to make stains and dirt easier to remove. This proprietary DryMaster carpet cleaner solution contains unique compounds that are designed to fully prepare heavily soiled or high-traffic carpet for treatment with one of our other high-quality solutions.

When To Apply:
The traffic lane cleaner is applied on soiled and stained areas using a pump sprayer about 10 minutes before cleaning the carpet. To avoid drying, apply and clean one area at a time. Safe to use on stain-resistant fibers.

Use this traffic lane cleaner when you’re confronted with situations that can’t be solved with a single carpet cleaning treatment alone. When you apply Pre X-Trak Traffic Lane Cleaner to heavily soiled carpet, you give the affected flooring the time it needs to unbond with dirt, oil, or other types of soil or stains that might resist normal carpet cleaning treatment.

This specialized carpet cleaning liquid is specifically designed for high-traffic areas. It is ideal for areas with heavy indoor/outdoor traffic, and you can use Pre X-Trak Traffic Lane Cleaner in any area with commercial or residential carpet that has become heavily soiled.

To fit your needs, Pre X-Trak Traffic Lane Cleaner is offered in five different sizes. To discover just how well this pretreatment works on heavily-stained carpet, try our 1-gallon size. From there, enhance your ability to clean heavily soiled carpet by purchasing Pre X-Trak Traffic Lane Cleaner in a five-gallon, 15-gallon, 30-gallon, or even a 55-gallon container.

Dilution Data: Dilution Ratio: 10:1 (13 oz. detergent per gallon of water). pH Factors: 10.5 (concentrate), 10.0 (diluted solution)

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