What kinds of carpet cleaning marketing materials does DryMaster offer?

Every DryMaster Affiliate receives complimentary commercial carpet cleaning marketing materials when they purchase their equipment packages. In addition to traditional print marketing materials, you’ll also receive your very own DryMaster carpet cleaning website where you can advertise your new business.

One of the most important pieces of marketing material you’ll receive is your DryMaster Affiliate shirt. At lunch, getting out of your car, or even at your client’s home, you’ll advertise your business and passively generate new leads. There’s more branded apparel where that came from for a nominal charge.

Your complete business package also includes magnetic door signs for your car, turning your vehicle into a rolling customer magnet. Whether you’re on the job or not, your car will always tell people in your community that you’re open for business.

What kinds of print marketing materials will you be receiving to boost your new business? Starting with carpet cleaning business cards to put a name to your face, our complimentary marketing options extend to brochures, mailers, print ads, carpet cleaning advertising flyers, door hangers, magnetic business cards and more. DryMaster provides dozens of ways to market your business with nothing more than paper, and one of the best tools for new Affiliates to get the word out is offering lots of the free coupons that come with your marketing package.

Some of our marketing materials are passive, but others are designed to help you with direct marketing and door-to-door sales. The door hangers we’ll give you, for instance, are customized with your name and business to generate extra recognition.

Print marketing isn’t everything, however. You’ll also need to embrace the online revolution if you want to snag more customers in your community. More and more people look for information on cleaning services on mobile devices these days, so staying contemporary is the best way to help your carpet cleaning business thrive.

Your new DryMaster website features a mobile-friendly online booking system, social media links, and an inbuilt custom coupon creator to make it easy to generate mobile clients. With an optional feature, we can optimize your site for search engines, and each Affiliate also gains access to our enormous online repository of e-marketing materials and information.

Best carpet cleaning marketing strategies

You’ll receive tons of marketing materials once you become a DryMaster Affiliate. Using these materials to your advantage, however, isn’t free—you’ll need to do some serious thinking to win against the competition. Here are our best tips for starting your DryMaster marketing strategy the right way:

Getting clients in the world

Your DryMaster complete business package provides you with dozens of ways to attract real-world attention when you’re on the job. Understand when to use which types of marketing materials—a business card would be wasted, for instance, on many kinds of potential customers, but you should leave a door tag on every door you knock.

Don’t underestimate the power of passive marketing. That sign on your car may not seem to be doing anything, but you might be getting a lot of business that way. One method for finding out if your marketing methods are working is to ask your customers how they heard about your DryMaster business.

Getting clients online

Our optional search engine optimization (SEO) service is the best way to use passive marketing online as well as other lead generating companies. You can also direct customers to your website using the free social media tool library that comes with every complete business package.

Keeping existing clients

Make customer satisfaction your number-one priority. This approach will make it easy for your customers to choose to work with you again, and if you make a good impression, it’s more likely that your clients will recommend your services to others. Be courteous, kind, and firm as you grow your DryMaster business to the benefit of everyone in your community.