What types of carpet cleaning hoses are there?

As you get started on your carpet cleaning career as a DryMaster Affiliate, you’ll find that you need quite a bit of equipment to get the job done. While all of our carpet cleaning equipment packages come with vacuum and solution hoses, you may want to upgrade your hose for increased performance, and the more you use your carpet cleaning equipment, the faster your hose will wear out.

To clean carpets effectively, your DryMaster carpet cleaning equipment uses two types of hoses. A carpet cleaning vacuum hose is used to suck solution and dirt out of carpets, and a solution hose for carpet cleaning is used to deliver carpet cleaning solution into soiled floors. Most carpet cleaning vacuum hoses measure 2” in diameter, and carpet cleaning solution hoses are usually less than 0.5” wide. In most cases, carpet cleaning vacuum and solution hoses are sold together, but these hoses may also be sold separately.

As you select a 2” vacuum hose for carpet cleaning, you’ll find that these hoses are offered in a variety of different lengths. If you plan to take your carpet cleaning machine with you from room to room as you complete jobs, then you might want to choose a short, 8-foot vacuum and solution hose. For a little bit more wiggle room, upgrade to a 15-foot hose, and if you want to be able to clean large rooms without moving your equipment, a 25-foot hose should do the trick. Carpet cleaning hoses even come in lengths as long as 50, 100, or 200 feet, so the sky's the limit as you choose a hose length that works for your purposes.

How do I choose the right carpet cleaning hoses and accessories?

First, understand that you will need a vacuum hose and solution hose regardless of the specific options you choose. Without these two hoses, you won’t be able to operate your carpet cleaning equipment, and having spare or backup hoses is important in case your equipment fails while you’re on the job.

Next, determine the types of rooms you plan to clean. If you plan to focus on residential spaces, for instance, you might not need hoses over 15 feet in length. To clean large, commercial spaces, however, you might want to invest in 25-foot, 50-foot, or even 100-foot. Keep in mind that hoses also offered in high pressure and heat grade depending on the equipment you are using.