Out The Odor… odor eliminator and sanitizer

Best option at your disposal as you get geared up to fight odors as a DryMaster Affiliate is using “Out The Odor”. It is designed to be compatible with your existing carpet cleaning equipment or any cleaning equipment in the market so you won’t need anything else to get the job done right. DryMaster Out The Odor is an odor eliminator as well as disinfectant and sanitizer.

Our “Out The Odor” odor removal formula works its way deep into carpet to target and eliminate severe odors caused by feces, urine, vomit, mold, garbage, decaying organic material, and more. This odor remover also acts as a sanitizer and disinfectant and is biodegradable, 100% non toxic and safe for humans and pets.

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Pick the right odor eliminator!

Out The Odor.. Pet and/or human odor removal is one of the most common and effective applications of the odor-elimination and sanitizing tools we offer at DryMaster. Almost every household or business needs odor removal service due to pets or other odor issues or may just need their carpet or upholstery sanitized for healthy reasons.

Make odor elimination a bigger part of your service package. Very profitable and much needed service. We offer Out The Odor eliminator in sizes of 1 to 55 gallons.

How do you use odor eliminators?

Out The Odor either diluted and used as a pre-soak or added in small quantities to your normal carpet or upholstery cleaning detergent.

If you want to deodorize surfaces while also completely sanitizing them, you might want to invest in our advanced Counter Strike disinfecting system. This impressive piece of machinery eliminates the need for traditional sprayers and allows you to apply disinfectant or odor remover across large spaces.