remove wax stain tablecloth

How to Remove a Wax Stain

Picture This:  You’ve just finished hosting a lovely dinner party with friends and family, and now it’s time to clean up the big mess.  That’s ok with you because you had a great time, socializing with your guests…. UNTIL, you see IT!  After your clear the table, and come to take the tablecloth off you notice a HUGE wax stain on your favorite, EXPENSIVE, tablecloth.

What’s your  immediate reflex? To start scarping at it of course.  At this point, you notice you’re not getting anywhere with that approach and you decide to just throw it in the washing machine, and hope for the best.  Guess what… that’s not going to work either!  Should you throw away your favorite, EXPENSIVE table cloth?


OF COURSE NOT!  Here are easy steps you can follow to get rid of your wax stain for good:

  1. Place a damp white towel on top of candle wax stain
  2. Set an iron to the hottest setting and when hot place it on top of the damp towel where the stain is.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds, remove towel and rub dissolved wax with a putty knife or something sharp.
  4. May need to repeat steps above until wax is all removed.

Important Note: Make sure the towel is damp enough each time you place the iron on top to prevent burning and damage to the carpet.