Spray Tips Spray Dry Shampoo

Spray tips located above the bristled brush spray the dry shampoo onto the carpet, while the brush agitates the carpet to allow for complete penetration of the cleaning agent.

Bristle Brush Oscillates and Rotates at 2500 RPM

The DryMaster™ Bristle Brush oscillates and rotates with a speed of 2500 RPM, in order to effectively disrupt and remove all stains and dirt from the carpet.

Powerful Vacuum: Lifts dirt, stains, and tainted solution

A strong, powerful vacuum lifts all of the dirt, stains, and dirty solution back into the system’s recovery tank, leaving the carpet clean, sanitized, fresh, and spotless. The carpet will be barely damp, allowing it to dry within 1-3 hours. Also, since the system does not use steam, there is no chance of leaving mildew behind which can remain inside and underneath the carpet.