I have been in the cleaning business since 2006 and recently decided to be a representative of Drymasters. In my experience of providing cleaning services from the cleaning process and procedure and in the chemicals and equipment used, I am throughly impressed with Drymasters  process of providing customers with ultimate care and total satisfaction. Before The
CLEAN, PROTECT and REVITALIZE  Leather with DRYMASTER All IN ONE Leather Magic ™ LESS LABOR MORE PROFIT! CLEANS DryMaster Professional Leather Magic  is specially formulated to deep Clean the most stubborn dirt, soil, and spills from protected and aniline leather. It exceeds the performance standards of leading Italian leather cleaners. PROTECTS DryMaster Professional Leather Magic  protects leather from staining,

Pitch Black Traffic area

I’m sending you before and after of the other job I did. It was a light brown carpet with very dirty traffic areas. The pictures don’t justify how dirty it really was. All it took me is one pass to make it look as clean as new again. My customer referred me to her parents.
Got oil Stains on your customer’s upholstery or carpet? No problem!  By Eric Perez, DryMaster coaching Dept. Oil is the source of one of the toughest stains to remove from clothing, fabrics, carpet and more. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a simple solution to remove oil stains. Just follow this one simple step.
Hi Eric “I just used the machine for the first time. WOW! Its more powerful than the truck mount I used to use” Erik Keith DryMaster Of Erie County  
In one of my carpet cleaning jobs this the past week, I had a one room full with dog urine stains, soiled traffic areas and strong pet’s smell. Just wanted to tell you that your machine wiped out these stains at the first pass. I also sprayed the Fresh to neutralize the smell. My customer told me
Hello There DryMaster This morning I had my first Air Duct Cleaning jobs. These were two units for about 900 Sq Ft Each at the same community. They belong to same landlord. Each unit had 5 Vents. I cleaned each System for a little more than an hour and got paid $190 for each job. So much
Hi Eric I cleaned Eight dining room upholstered chairs and the outcome was magnificent! Some of the chairs had deep food and grease stains andI feared that I wont be able to clean them. As you suggested the other day, I pre-sprayed with the Pre X-Trak, brushed it gently and cleaned with the Formula mixed with some
If I Only Knew This Before I Started This Business My name is Sonny Cohen, and I am a lifelong entrepreneur dreamer. In 2012, after being worn out in the work force selling clothes for 10 years, I was able to save up $60K. I had decided that it was time to be my own

6500 Sq Ft Cleaning Job

Dear DryMaster Team I cleaned over the weekend a 2 floor, 6500 Sq Ft, night club in NYC. I cleaned the carpets, benches, fabric stools and about 25 couches, Love seats and chairs. The whole place had spilled drinks stains almost everywhere. I cleaned and treated them with stain resistant exactly as my coach advised me and everything turned out perfect
Hi Eric, The grout & tile cleaning turned out very well. The guy is a neighbor and is very particular. I have another big job to do which is a whole house carpets and tile and grout for tomorrow. Also I did three area rugs yesterday and they turned out amazing and came out great. I have few more jobs lined up for

My First Job

Hey Eric I’m attaching before and after pics of my first job I did today. The furniture were dark and dirty! and as my customer told me, I was able to make it very clean and bright as the day she got them thanks to your advise using your Haitian Cotton detergent. My Customer referred me to her sister

Carpet was Saved

Bernard of Echo Green Carpet Care describes this particular job: “This customer had a Section 8 inspection and needed her carpet cleaned, and if the appearance wasn’t acceptable and didn’t pass inspection, she would have to replace the carpet. The detergent I used was DM Grease Buster Powder. We pre-treated the carpet with this detergent, applying throughout the
By DryMaster Systems Oh no! Someone dropped a wad of sticky icky gum in your brand new carpet. Now it’s ruined for sure. Or is it? The following tips will help you to remove the offending gum, protect the surrounding fibers, and clean up any stains that result from the process. Gum is difficult enough to
DryMaster has high rating of quality cleanings that, almost on a daily basis, we are getting emails and phone calls from people nationwide who are looking for a DryMaster affiliate in their area so they can have services done for their homes. Here’s one example email we received today. Hello DryMaster “A few months ago
        A text that I got from one my of bran new affiliates Matthew R.  in Farmingville, NY. These always make me happy Eric Perez, DryMaster Coach
  By Eric Perez, Coaching department,  DryMaster Systems DryMaster affiliates’ customers, Residential and commercial alike, often ask that question. ” How often should we clean our carpets”?  As a DryMaster affiliate you should be ready to answer them this question in a most professional way and make them aware on how often they should call you

14 Phone calls

My full page ad you provided me  came out in one of our local papers last Saturday and so far, 3 days after, I already booked 14 jobs in which one of them is a $2000 tile cleaning job in a car dealership. Your ad works better than I expected. Thank You Allan Saunders Clean Green Carpet

Restaurant Cleaning

Hi Eric “I cleaned a restaurant today and the owner was more than satisfied and couldn’t believe how dry the carpet is. Your Machine is a miracle” Skipp Bliss DryMaster Of Lake Erie, PA

Crazy Customers

Keep a straight face when your customers do weird stuff. By Aaron Ovad, DryMaster Systems Founder.  We all have them — high-quality customers who have you clean for them on a regular, scheduled basis and listen to your advice. They stick with you for years and years and provide you with valuable referrals. We all have

Like a Pro!

Stain removal techniques only the experts use! By Aaron Ovad, DryMaster founder and the industry trainer and consultant. We’ve all been there. The job is done, the carpet looks fantastic and the customer is smiling as she writes out the check or hands over a credit card. As you wrap up the final aspects of