Mattress Cleaning

Eric Wanted to share with you my Mattress cleaning job from yesterday. There was a urine stain on it which I treated with Pet Pro cleaned and sanitized with Out The Odor. I charged $375 and Customer was very happy with results. Thank You for your support and excellent coaching. I wouldn’t be able to
carpet stain removal
Affiliates, use this guide for your clients looking to spot treat stains in between regular cleanings! If you live in a space that has carpeting or rugs, you know how easily they cling to dirt and debris. You also know how devastating it can be to watch yourself or a guest drop red wine, coffee,
How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business
What’s dirtier than your toilet seat? A lot of things, actually: your kitchen sponge, smartphone, computer keyboards, doorknobs – the list goes on. But don’t forget your carpets. With hundreds of thousands of bacteria per square inch, carpets are way dirtier than a toilet seat. Carpets are a catch-all for dirt, dust, dead skin cells,

Eco Green Pro

Our Affiliate out of Bethlehem, PA One of our countless successful affiliates DryMaster Affiliate out of PA Posted by Aaron Ovad on Friday, November 2, 2018
Eric Please watch this video. Take a look at this carpet. Extremely soiled carpet on an off white carpet. Your GTX extractor and detergents do an AMAZING JOB!! My customer is blown away. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Amarillo, TX

Dog Stains

I was called on this job. They needed same day service due to a sick dog who stained their carpet. I cleaned it and charged $475. Customer was amazed from results and tipped me $40. DryMaster has the most amazing products and equipment!! Aaron At Clean Pro carpet cleaning  
Photos sent by True Quality DryMaster Cleaned an area rug and a sectional. It took me to complete job in less than two hours and made $375. Still got 5 more jobs scheduled for this week.
My one of the first jobs this week. I cleaned an extremely soiled staircase. Total of 14 steps and 2 landings. I charged $175. Total time spent on this job was one hour. Amazing equipment with amazing detergents together with your top expertise bring out this results. Customer was very pleased! DryMaster affiliate, Anthony N.

I Made Over $1000 Today

Just another ordinary feedback from an affiliate


We are proud of our DryMaster affiliates who are dedicate to providing their customers with the very best customer service. Bravo! To all affiliates out there, happy father’s day!

DFW DryMaster

DFW DryMaster reminded me today that he is approaching his one year anniversary owning his DryMaster business.Congratulations DFW DryMaster and looking forward to many more years of prosperity as the first one and more.

Staircase Cleaning

Staircase I cleaned today and charged $175. Came out like new. Customer took a photo and sent it to me saying he can’t believe his eyes. I got  a 5 star review from him. Christopher Hadley, Streight Line DryMaster Carpet Cleaning

Shag Area Rug Cleaning

Here are before and after cleaning of a shag area rug. Was very dirty. I used The Pre X Trak and The Formula. Came unbelievably clean! Customer was ecstatic. I charged $250 and even got $20 tip Thank You for your advice and awesome training DryMaster Scott Philip, Ultimate Carpet cleaning

I Grossed $6000

In my first two weeks in business I grossed $6000. Thank You Eric with THE best coaching I could get. This business is going MUCH better than expected. Very Excited!! Thank You Eric Mahmoud Elhussini Eco Fresh Carpet cleaning, Bethlehem, PA
Seems like every month now there is a Truckmount or van catching fire. Besides the facts that truckmount is an old way of cleaning carpets, gets carpet super wet, leave sticky residues, requires high maintenance and very expensive repairs… also not safe and potentially dangerous. It can easily catch fire from various reasons. It uses

Pet Stains Removed

Hi Eric I’ve created before and after photo for my web of a job I cleaned yesterday. It was a very dirty living room carpet with pet stains. your Pet Pro detergent is a miracle. Thank you for you coaching and support. DryMaster Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Here’s another 5 Star review I just got from my Home Advisor customer yesterday. Up to date, I have total 23 perfect score reviews, thanks to your equipment and products. I can’t be thankful enough for this blessings. DFW DryMaster HomeAdvisor Congratulations! You have a new job rating. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0 |
I used DryMaster’s Haitian Cotton Detergent on a beige Carpet that has furniture dirty markings. See pictures I sent. Carpet turned out as new. Customer was thrilled and booked me for his 2nd house carpet and upholstery cleaning. DFW DryMaster Carpet & Upholstery Care

Pet Stains

I was called for a small job today for a carpet that was stained by a sick dog. It was very important for the customer that I will get there today. I was very busy with 3 other fairly large jobs but I agreed to squeeze her in. I treated these spots with the Pet Pro and

Dry Cleaning vs Other Methods

There are many methods of carpet cleaning. Three of the most common are bonnet cleaning, truck-mounted extraction and Dry Cleaning. Bonnet or spin cleaning involves a rotary floor machine with a cleaning pad soaked in solution. As it moves over the carpet, the agitation causes dirt to be absorbed into the cleaning pad. The cleaning solution used
I cleaned 130 mattresses at Sheraton Hotel. I spent less than 2 days (about 11 hours of work with one more helper) and charges $6,565. They were very happy and will call me again to clean their Bowl room. Aaron Paskav, Healthy Green Carpet Cleaning