Over sized Sectional

One of my jobs today was this HUGH sectional couch. It was kind of a suede fabric. I charged for the cleaning $375 plus $110 for Pet odor treatment for a total of $485. It took me about 2 hours total. Bruce Dunston, Keep It Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Light Color Carpet Job

Hello Eric Here in NY, I usually don’t get light color carpet jobs. Until today, I did clean all colors possible except beige color. Today I cleaned 500 sq ft apartment with very light color and it was very soiled. You can see on one of the photos the carpet that is half way cleaned. When I

Water Stains

Hi DryMaster Systems This are pictures of a job that I was called to clean due to water heater leak. The carpet cleaned amazing. I got rid of all dark spots and water stains. I charged for this particular job $550. I spend approx 3 hours there. Thank You Joe Paseco of Fresh & Dry

Dog stains

Hi Eric Yesterday I was called to clean a pretty nasty dog stain. I did exactly as you told me and stain is gone completely!! Customer was so happy and very satisfied of my service. I charged $150 for 25 minutes work and also got $25 tip 🙂 Thank You  Keith Mason, Best Of The Best

Upholstery Cleaning

Hi Eric Attached photos of before and after of a couch and a chair that I cleaned today (My second job today). They were very dirty!! I cleaned them with Pre- Fab and Fab Zero like you told me and and they came out real clean. (The picture really don’t make justice). I charged for

Water Restoration Job

Hello DryMaster I have been called yesterday, out of a door hanger I put out, to come and extract an office that was flooded from an over flowed toilet. It was an insurance office with 700 sq ft carpeted area. I extracted at least 25 gallons of water out of this carpet. Your machine did a

My New Working Van

Eric This is a picture of my new van I’ve had since June. Isn’t it awesome?! I love this van. It’s a lot better than working with my truck. Eric, business is fantastic!!! Have a Great day Tony Dotson, Green Planet Carpet Cleaning

Door Hangers are Working Very Well

Hi Eric, Hope all is well. Things have been coming along and the door hangers are working very well.   Thanks for your help. I have been doing what you told me and last Friday I put out over 100 door hangers. on Monday I had 5 estimates come in in one day! Good so

Got Six Jobs From 700 Door Hangers

Eric I put around 700 of your door hangers and already got and completed 6 jobs each one averaging $250! You were absolutely right!!! You’ve  got great marketing that really works and top quality too!!! Feeling encouraged and happy to distribute more door hangers every day. Thank You Ralph Meryll, Quick and Dry Carpet Care    

Cleaned Mold Stains

            I cleaned 2200 sq ft vacant office Carpet with mold stains on 2 rooms from a water leak that happened 2 months ago. DryMaster gave me best solutions to clean that and neutralize the bad mildew odors. I charged $1350 to bring that carpet almost to a new condition. Landlord was very satisfied.

Office Carpet Cleaning Job

                          Hi Eric I cleaned 2000 Sq Ft office yesterday. It came marvelous!! It had a lot of foot traffic, coffee stains and whats not. I charged $1200 and it required 3 hours of my time Thanks for all of your amazing and
Howdy DryMaster Attached are photos of one of my jobs from last week. I Wanted you to see how “filthy” was this living room carpet I cleaned. A young guy called me and wanted  me to clean his living room before his landlord make the “walk through”. He is moving out of this apartment and feared that he
Hey Eric There’s the new logos on the truck. Per your recommendation, I also started to accept Credit Cards since many customers requested it. Here’s my new interact and Mobile Credit Card reader. I’m glad to report that I’m working 7 months straight now which is right about when I started my business. Thanks to you and

Runner job

Hi Eric Thank you for being my coach. I didn’t know the first thing about carpet cleaning and never had any experience with it ever before. You are nothing to me but a hero! You are teaching me all about carpet and upholstery cleaning, techniques, special stain removals, upsells, how much to charge and the list

Jute Rug

I was called to clean a jute rug. This rug CANNOT be cleaned with water otherwise it will ruin! DryMaster gave me the exact formula to use on this and the rug cleaned very well and looks like new now. I was worried I wont be able to clean it without any liquid but it
              Here are pictures of an 8 x 11 area rug before, during and after I cleaned it. It was very dirty rug. Customer didn’t clean it for 5 years. I used your Haitian Cotton Detergents. The rug came clean as new. I charge for it $275 dollars and
By Eric Perez – DryMaster Systems ‘Cleaning Coach & Odor Specialist’ As a DryMaster Affiliate and Being an odor control ‘specialist’ means that you are expected to understand all odors and sources, not just pet/human urine.       In the northeastern US, late spring brings warm days and humid weather, (oh boy, I can remember

Blood Stain

  DryMaster I have been called this morning to remove blood stain from a carpet. I used your Pet Pro…enzyme remover and it wiped the stain out. I charged for 20 minutes of work $125. My customer is happy then I’m happy Appreciate your help and training all throughout Richard Thomson, Fast Dry Cleaning services

Doctor’s office

Hi Eric I want you to see the difference after one pass on part of the room. This is a doctor’s office that had a lot of foot traffic and I was able to transform her carpet like new. She booked me also to clean her 4000 sq ft house next week. This is the first
Hi Aaron Here’s a photo of a very dirty carpet I cleaned. I am going to use that on my web site. Carpet was very soiled and my customer was extremely happy with the results and so do I!! Thank You for all of your support and training Ralph Johnson Quick N Dry Carpet and Upholstery
   Odor and staining problems from urine are among the most perplexing problems the professional cleaning technician is faced with today In this article we will focus our discussion on the unique challenges encountered in removing urine residues from upholstery fabrics and carpet. To better understand why urine stains and odors may be difficult to