Water Stain Restoration

Carpet with flood damage was restored by DryMaster affiliate out of Toronto, Canada Affiliate used DryMaster’s Brown Away to clean and fade out the nasty water stain and charged over $150 for 20 min work. Good job!!!

I’m Cutting Through Dirt

A message from our DryMaster Affiliate in Brampton, Canada “Hey eric the Drymaster machine and cleaning products are working really well at cutting through this dirty carpet! Sometimes the results surprise me!”

My Work Vehicle Sign

DryMaster affiliate, Walli Castillo out of Orlando, Fl Sent pictures of his work vehicle sign done.  

$1700 Cleaning Job

Just finished the Catholic School rugs and going back to do all their upholstery and commercial carpet. They said I am their new carpet man! Today was $500.00 for three hours work, Additional $1200.00 when I go back. Daniel Tilghman DryMaster Of Berlin                        

$650 Worth of Business

“Eric just a couple of pictures of the job today. $650 worth of business.” A text message  received today from our new affiliate out of Orlando, Florida. Walli Castillo. GOOD JOB WALLI!!!

Better Than Expected

Pictures from our new affiliate out in Keller, Texas “Eric, today I did a tile job got from Home Advisor. A small Master bath for $118. I have 3 jobs lined up for this week. Yesterday I did another $350 tile job..She also had a mattress she wanted cleaned and I charged her $100 to

Suede Love Seat Cleaning

Before and after photos sent to us by our new joined affiliate…Kenneth Williams. He cleaned a suede love seat and charged $155. Job was completed in 30-40 minutes. JOB WELL DONE!  

Only 2 weeks In Business

Kevin, only 2 weeks in business affiliate, just sent us this text….. “Just a couple of before and after pictures from a couch I did the other day. I’ve done 3  jobs so far and everyone has been very happy with the results. I have two more scheduled for next weekend.”

My First Job

This is a text I received yesterday from our new affiliate Paul from Toronto, Canada. Paul, this is only one drop in a bucket. Good work!  
Eric Before and after. This after shot was taken in the natural light. DryMaster Novax machine along with the Tilex brought out the color…like a brownish tint that wasn’t visible. Brooks Remaley, DFW Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning
What is a the DryMaster MaxShield Carpet Protectant? DryMaster Maxshield is a stain repellent and durable water repellent applied to carpets and area rugs to protect them from stains. MaxShield Keeps your carpet and rugs looking like new. When and how to apply Maxshield? After Carpet is cleaned, spray Maxshield on traffic areas and around usable areas such

Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Hi Eric These are some before and after pictures of tiles jobs I did in the last few days. Your tile cleaning machine works wonders on these tiles. It is so powerful and exceeded my expectations. Some of tiles and grout were very dirty and weren’t cleaned for a few years. As you can see, the difference
Above and Beyond Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, A new DryMaster Affiliate Great reviews Robert. We are proud to have you as a DryMaster Affiliate Keep up the good work!  

Very Grateful!!

Here’s a message from our affiliate Dane Davis from Toronto, Canada “Hey Eric Business is great..getting lots of phone calls. Customers are very happy with the service im providing them with. Im very grateful for how things are going”

Results of My First Job

What an amazing job Paul!! Paul is a newcomer affiliate from Toronto, Canada. These are the results of his first job.  
Here’s a text message I Received today from an affiliate in Pinehurst, TX. “Hey Eric Business is awesome! $1270 booked for this weekend and I still have a slot open.  Robert Kelly, Above and beyond Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning”  

What a Difference!!

Eric Here’s a half way done picture of a job I did yesterday. What a difference!! My Customer was amazed! Ruby’s DryMaster Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

My Recent Jobs

Here are just a few photos of my recent residential and commercial jobs which include carpet, Upholstery, tiles and grout and leather cleaning. Business is great!! Mclean DryMaster Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning.

My Big Project

  Our affiliate, Ray from South Carolina…”My big drapery cleaning project. About 2 days cleaning. Charged $2500″

DryMaster Of Berlin, MD

Home Advisor’s 5 star reviews of our affiliate in Berlin, MD Good Work!!!

Furniture cleaning

Here’s a text I just received from Robert Kelly, who’s in business for only a few weeks now “Eric I ended up using fab zero and the end result was nothing short of fabulous Customers were very happy They gave me a 5 star review on my site and a $50 tip. Sofa, love seat,