Tile & Grout Cleaning Job

Hello Eric This is the first job I did with your tile and Grout machine. Your Novax Machine is much much more powerful than I ever expected. It cleaned the tiles and grout in almost no time. My customer told me that her tiles look now exactly as the day she installed them. Per your recommendations,
Although your favorite shade of lipstick may look great on your lips, it probably does not look as good on your carpet. If your customer’s child got a hold of a lipstick, or he or she accidentally stepped on a dropped tube, grinding it into the carpet, its important to act fast to remove it. The sooner you

My First Flood Work

Hello DryMaster I am running my Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning business from you guys for over a year now and I just added the water Restoration Business. Here are some pictures of my first flood restoration job. I was called to remove water from 3 flooded rooms. Apparently, The toilet broke and water flooded an area of

Your Equipment is Superb

Hello Eric I just want to tell you that your machine is superb. Exactly as you promised. It did the job and customer was highly satisfied!! I enclosed before and after photos of that first job I did and I’m going to post them on my website. I cleaned 3 rooms for about 1 hour
HOW TO REMOVE RUST STAIN FROM CARPET  Upon discovering the rust stain, be sure to remove the source of the rust stain. If the rust stain came from the legs of a piece of furniture, consider moving the furniture to a new place, or placing a darker area rug underneath it to prevent future stains.
Black lines around the edges of a carpet
As a carpet cleaner, did you ever wonder about those black lines that appear along the edges of carpet at baseboards and under doorways?
I was reading your article on stain removal and would like a copy of your spot and stain removal guide. I am very happy with my business and thankful for the DryMaster opportunity. Eric has been a great coach. Thanks Daniel Tilghman (DryMaster of Berlin Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning).
HOW TO REMOVE SALT STAINS OUT OF YOUR CARPETS If you live in a cold climate, you’ll very likely see white stains on your customers’ house, business or car carpeting from road salt.  Fortunately it’s quite easy, if a little repetitive, to get the stains out. See Steps below to get started desalting your customer’s

Cleaned 3200 Sq Ft Carpet

Hello  DryMaster I cleaned approx 3200sq ft house. The carpet was somewhat dirty. I spend a little over 3 hours and charges $895. Got this job from one of your flyers. William Magnes, White Glove Carpet Cleaning

Water Leak Job

I got a call from a customer about water leakage from ceiling onto the Family room carpet and the carpet was soaked with clean water in a small area of about 10 Sq Ft. What I did first is I pulled up as much as water as possible using my carpet cleaning extractor, Pulled out the carpet,
Hello Eric orI’ already over 18 months in business and I’m enjoying every minute of it. The Money is great and I’m so glad I have come across DryMaster Opportunity!! I couldn’t  have done this without you guys. Here are only some of my business reviews. Looking forward for more prosperous years with my business.  Thank You very much

Upholstery Cleaning

Hey DryMaster I cleaned a sofa today with one of the cushions extremely dirty. Customer had no clue where these stains came from which sounded a bit odd to me. Anyway, I followed Eric’s instructions and used Pre X Trak and the Haitian Cotton Detergent. It came out very clean and refreshed. I charged for one

Challenged Job

This was my challenge today. Part of the carpet was FILTHY!! I used the Pre X Trak, Agitated a bit with my brush and cleaned it with the Formula detergent. As you can see, it came super clean. Even the customer didn’t believe her eyes. She said she cleaned her carpets many times before and

Extremely Dirty Office Carpet

Hi Eric I cleaned this office which has about 1000 sq ft of commercial carpet. It was extremely dirty and soiled.It also had a water ring as you can see in one of the photos. This carpet was not cleaned in 20 years! (You can see the difference after I cleaned half of the room

Over sized Sectional

One of my jobs today was this HUGH sectional couch. It was kind of a suede fabric. I charged for the cleaning $375 plus $110 for Pet odor treatment for a total of $485. It took me about 2 hours total. Bruce Dunston, Keep It Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Light Color Carpet Job

Hello Eric Here in NY, I usually don’t get light color carpet jobs. Until today, I did clean all colors possible except beige color. Today I cleaned 500 sq ft apartment with very light color and it was very soiled. You can see on one of the photos the carpet that is half way cleaned. When I

Water Stains

Hi DryMaster Systems This are pictures of a job that I was called to clean due to water heater leak. The carpet cleaned amazing. I got rid of all dark spots and water stains. I charged for this particular job $550. I spend approx 3 hours there. Thank You Joe Paseco of Fresh & Dry

Dog stains

Hi Eric Yesterday I was called to clean a pretty nasty dog stain. I did exactly as you told me and stain is gone completely!! Customer was so happy and very satisfied of my service. I charged $150 for 25 minutes work and also got $25 tip 🙂 Thank You  Keith Mason, Best Of The Best

Upholstery Cleaning

Hi Eric Attached photos of before and after of a couch and a chair that I cleaned today (My second job today). They were very dirty!! I cleaned them with Pre- Fab and Fab Zero like you told me and and they came out real clean. (The picture really don’t make justice). I charged for

Water Restoration Job

Hello DryMaster I have been called yesterday, out of a door hanger I put out, to come and extract an office that was flooded from an over flowed toilet. It was an insurance office with 700 sq ft carpeted area. I extracted at least 25 gallons of water out of this carpet. Your machine did a

My New Working Van

Eric This is a picture of my new van I’ve had since June. Isn’t it awesome?! I love this van. It’s a lot better than working with my truck. Eric, business is fantastic!!! Have a Great day Tony Dotson, Green Planet Carpet Cleaning