Howdy DryMaster Attached are photos of one of my jobs from last week. I Wanted you to see how “filthy” was this living room carpet I cleaned. A young guy called me and wanted  me to clean his living room before his landlord make the “walk through”. He is moving out of this apartment and feared that he
Hey Eric There’s the new logos on the truck. Per your recommendation, I also started to accept Credit Cards since many customers requested it. Here’s my new interact and Mobile Credit Card reader. I’m glad to report that I’m working 7 months straight now which is right about when I started my business. Thanks to you and

Runner job

Hi Eric Thank you for being my coach. I didn’t know the first thing about carpet cleaning and never had any experience with it ever before. You are nothing to me but a hero! You are teaching me all about carpet and upholstery cleaning, techniques, special stain removals, upsells, how much to charge and the list

Jute Rug

I was called to clean a jute rug. This rug CANNOT be cleaned with water otherwise it will ruin! DryMaster gave me the exact formula to use on this and the rug cleaned very well and looks like new now. I was worried I wont be able to clean it without any liquid but it
              Here are pictures of an 8 x 11 area rug before, during and after I cleaned it. It was very dirty rug. Customer didn’t clean it for 5 years. I used your Haitian Cotton Detergents. The rug came clean as new. I charge for it $275 dollars and
By Eric Perez – DryMaster Systems ‘Cleaning Coach & Odor Specialist’ As a DryMaster Affiliate and Being an odor control ‘specialist’ means that you are expected to understand all odors and sources, not just pet/human urine.       In the northeastern US, late spring brings warm days and humid weather, (oh boy, I can remember

Blood Stain

  DryMaster I have been called this morning to remove blood stain from a carpet. I used your Pet Pro…enzyme remover and it wiped the stain out. I charged for 20 minutes of work $125. My customer is happy then I’m happy Appreciate your help and training all throughout Richard Thomson, Fast Dry Cleaning services

Doctor’s office

Hi Eric I want you to see the difference after one pass on part of the room. This is a doctor’s office that had a lot of foot traffic and I was able to transform her carpet like new. She booked me also to clean her 4000 sq ft house next week. This is the first
Hi Aaron Here’s a photo of a very dirty carpet I cleaned. I am going to use that on my web site. Carpet was very soiled and my customer was extremely happy with the results and so do I!! Thank You for all of your support and training Ralph Johnson Quick N Dry Carpet and Upholstery
   Odor and staining problems from urine are among the most perplexing problems the professional cleaning technician is faced with today In this article we will focus our discussion on the unique challenges encountered in removing urine residues from upholstery fabrics and carpet. To better understand why urine stains and odors may be difficult to
I got my first Air duct cleaning job from the posted ad you sent me.  It was 2 air Duct systems in a 3700 sq ft house. I opened and cleaned 18 vents and 2 returns. Some of the vents were very dirty and full of lint and dirt. Your machine did an amazing work. I spend

Mattress Cleaning

Dear DryMaster Folks I cleaned and sanitized first Mattress today. It had yellow stains all over. I managed to make it white again. I charged customer $325 and I spent about an hour cleaning it. Your Oxibright is excellent for brightening and it did the trick. Thank You for the help and Best Regards, Philip Portela Portela Carpet &
Eric, Wanted to let you know that I got the job to clean the carpet at the library, I told you about, for $6000. I’m Excited!! Thanks. Daniel Tilghman DryMaster Of Berlin

The Patio Looked Awful

Eric As always, the outcome of this job turned out to be excellent. The tiles and grout were all covered with calcium deposits, dirt and grime. I mixed and sprayed the Tilex and let it dwell for 10 minutes. I went over it with the scrubber and wallah. It is good as new. I also sealed the
Last Monday, I got a call from a customer who saw my flyer and asked me if I can clean a very expensive Asian rug. Her daughter spilled coffee on it and she is very worried its been ruined and she texted me a picture of it. I booked the appointment, but honestly, I was skeptical myself whether
STAINS CAUSED BY COFFEE, TEA, SODA POP (BROWN), COCO/HOT CHOCOLATE and BROWNING /YELLOWING CAUSED BY WATER STAINS  Moderate to severe stains such coffee, tea, cocoa, soda pop (dark), browning, red spots and food coloring dye from beverages are treated with trick cleaning methods along with DryMaster’s specialty solutions.  DryMaster Brown Away is a highly concentrated powder that
Stair cleaning is a bit challenging for obvious reasons — the main one being that the dirtiest areas of stairs are the hardest to clean. While carpeted rooms in your customers” homes are vacuumed frequently — if they follow your recommendations — it”s rare that the stairs receive the same treatment. Weeks, even months, can go

Upholstery Cleaning Job

Hello Mr. Eric Perez One of my jobs last week was a challenge! I cleaned a very filthy couch. It had all types of stains you can imagine. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to clean it. However, look at the pictures and let me know if you see any difference. :):)…..I returned a day after to take the after

Customer Was Amazed

Hello Drymaster I’m attaching 2 photos of before and after of a job I did yesterday. That room was dirty beyond belief! It was a rental with 2 dogs, It was a disaster!!     Just like you instructed me, I pre-sprayed the carpet , waited 10 minutes and went ahead with the cleaning. As you
“Professional cleaning causes my carpet to get dirty faster.” Where did this homeowner misconception come from? I have heard this statement numerous times from consumers who had used reputable carpet cleaning companies. Each time I requested clarification, I received a similar story. “When I purchased the carpet, it was able to go two years before
Hello Eric, How are you? Hope doing great. I am sending you some pictures of the store carpets we are cleaning for you to check.  After doing some cleaning demonstration, We got the contract with the stores chain. Thank you for your advises and helping us to win this hugh contract. For this year the