I got my first Air duct cleaning job from the posted ad you sent me.  It was 2 air Duct systems in a 3700 sq ft house. I opened and cleaned 18 vents and 2 returns. Some of the vents were very dirty and full of lint and dirt. Your machine did an amazing work. I spend

Mattress Cleaning

Dear DryMaster Folks I cleaned and sanitized first Mattress today. It had yellow stains all over. I managed to make it white again. I charged customer $325 and I spent about an hour cleaning it. Your Oxibright is excellent for brightening and it did the trick. Thank You for the help and Best Regards, Philip Portela Portela Carpet &
Eric, Wanted to let you know that I got the job to clean the carpet at the library, I told you about, for $6000. I’m Excited!! Thanks. Daniel Tilghman DryMaster Of Berlin

The Patio Looked Awful

Eric As always, the outcome of this job turned out to be excellent. The tiles and grout were all covered with calcium deposits, dirt and grime. I mixed and sprayed the Tilex and let it dwell for 10 minutes. I went over it with the scrubber and wallah. It is good as new. I also sealed the
Last Monday, I got a call from a customer who saw my flyer and asked me if I can clean a very expensive Asian rug. Her daughter spilled coffee on it and she is very worried its been ruined and she texted me a picture of it. I booked the appointment, but honestly, I was skeptical myself whether
STAINS CAUSED BY COFFEE, TEA, SODA POP (BROWN), COCO/HOT CHOCOLATE and BROWNING /YELLOWING CAUSED BY WATER STAINS  Moderate to severe stains such coffee, tea, cocoa, soda pop (dark), browning, red spots and food coloring dye from beverages are treated with trick cleaning methods along with DryMaster’s specialty solutions.  DryMaster Brown Away is a highly concentrated powder that
Stair cleaning is a bit challenging for obvious reasons — the main one being that the dirtiest areas of stairs are the hardest to clean. While carpeted rooms in your customers” homes are vacuumed frequently — if they follow your recommendations — it”s rare that the stairs receive the same treatment. Weeks, even months, can go

Upholstery Cleaning Job

Hello Mr. Eric Perez One of my jobs last week was a challenge! I cleaned a very filthy couch. It had all types of stains you can imagine. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to clean it. However, look at the pictures and let me know if you see any difference. :):)…..I returned a day after to take the after

Customer Was Amazed

Hello Drymaster I’m attaching 2 photos of before and after of a job I did yesterday. That room was dirty beyond belief! It was a rental with 2 dogs, It was a disaster!!     Just like you instructed me, I pre-sprayed the carpet , waited 10 minutes and went ahead with the cleaning. As you
“Professional cleaning causes my carpet to get dirty faster.” Where did this homeowner misconception come from? I have heard this statement numerous times from consumers who had used reputable carpet cleaning companies. Each time I requested clarification, I received a similar story. “When I purchased the carpet, it was able to go two years before
Hello Eric, How are you? Hope doing great. I am sending you some pictures of the store carpets we are cleaning for you to check.  After doing some cleaning demonstration, We got the contract with the stores chain. Thank you for your advises and helping us to win this hugh contract. For this year the
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Testimonial from Paul from Canada

DryMaster Systems and Eric This is Paul from from Mclean DryMaster. I would like to tell you the great news about my situation with my company that I just started thanks to your help. I put out 4000 of your flyers so far and I’m extremely busy. I have about 18 customers on the go
I have been in this industry for over 15 years working for someone else using every type of carpet cleaning equipment.  It was a dead end job with no future, no 401K, just a paycheck.  I spent a lot of time searching for something that I could do to secure my future and came across

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning technicians involved in commercial carpet cleaning, or those just now venturing into this lucrative (and often more steady) sector of the industry, may be in for a bit of a surprise. When it comes to commercial carpet care, you are no longer “just a carpet cleaner,” as you have been when cleaning residential
Hello DryMaster This is one of my recent jobs pictures. Their water line busted and their carpet was severely stained. As Eric advised me, I lightly sprayed the stain remover on, then scrubbed for agitation. As I was preparing my machine, I noticed that the stain was already lifting. I waited around 10 Minutes to begin cleaning with the

My Business is Skyrocketing

Hello Eric This is my logo. My business is doing awesome! I’m averaging 50 jobs per week so far and that is just from advertising in one paper in my town. I will add the air duct cleaning pretty soon. Thank You again for this opportunity Tony Dotson Green Planet Carpet Cleaning   Disclaimer: we

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hello Eric Thank you for your excellent support. Thanks to you and DryMaster products, I was easily able to transform these tiles to their original colors. Customer was very happy and already booked me to clean her sectional sofa. Thanks a million Rob G., Clean N’ Fresh  
Your Customers Will Pay you Top $$ to Eliminate Pet Odors from Their Carpet! Urine smell from pets can ruin the most beautiful of homes. What makes dealing with that urine smell especially difficult is that after just a few weeks, the unsuspecting pet owner can become completely desensitized to the smell, not realizing how
Tilex – DryMaster Tile & Grout Cleaner Here is the hottest new DryMaster tile & grout cleaner on the market. Designed exclusively by DryMaster with no fillers,unnecessary additives. You will love Tilex. This 3-n-1 (alkaline,citrus & peroxide) cuts through grease and stains on natural and man made stone like nothing else you have ever tried. It also

Greasy Stairs

I cleaned 10 steps that had one big and many little grease stains on them. (sorry for the blurry Pic). I used your “Vanish”, the grease remove and the carpet looks like new. Customer told me that first carpet cleaning company couldn’t take these stains out and she called me. DryMaster Of Santa Barbara
Hey Eric I Attached photos for a job I did today. The customer was in disbelief. To keep you posted, I have 3 commercial jobs booked for next week and 5 residential jobs on Friday. Erik Keith DryMster of EC.