A text that I got from one my of bran new affiliates Matthew R.  in Farmingville, NY. These always make me happy Eric Perez, DryMaster Coach
  By Eric Perez, Coaching department,  DryMaster Systems DryMaster affiliates’ customers, Residential and commercial alike, often ask that question. ” How often should we clean our carpets”?  As a DryMaster affiliate you should be ready to answer them this question in a most professional way and make them aware on how often they should call you

14 Phone calls

My full page ad you provided me  came out in one of our local papers last Saturday and so far, 3 days after, I already booked 14 jobs in which one of them is a $2000 tile cleaning job in a car dealership. Your ad works better than I expected. Thank You Allan Saunders Clean Green Carpet

Restaurant Cleaning

Hi Eric “I cleaned a restaurant today and the owner was more than satisfied and couldn’t believe how dry the carpet is. Your Machine is a miracle” Skipp Bliss DryMaster Of Lake Erie, PA

Crazy Customers

Keep a straight face when your customers do weird stuff. By Aaron Ovad, DryMaster Systems Founder.  We all have them — high-quality customers who have you clean for them on a regular, scheduled basis and listen to your advice. They stick with you for years and years and provide you with valuable referrals. We all have

Like a Pro!

Stain removal techniques only the experts use! By Aaron Ovad, DryMaster founder and the industry trainer and consultant. We’ve all been there. The job is done, the carpet looks fantastic and the customer is smiling as she writes out the check or hands over a credit card. As you wrap up the final aspects of

Cleaning Microfibers

Over the years, furniture made from microfibers has gained in popularity. And for several good reasons. Consumers appreciate saving money on furniture purchases, as these synthetic fiber types are usually less expensive than natural fibers. Consumers enjoy the soft “hand” or feel of these polyester or nylon fibers (polyester is the dominant fiber used to manufacture microfibers).
My new website went live 5 days ago and I already got 2 calls from customers that booked carpet and tiles cleaning appointment. They called me because they really liked what I offer and they loved my website. Thank you for providing me with a very professional website.  I couldn’t do it without you. From what I’m


Eric I’m sending you photos of the carpet I cleaned yesterday. The carpet was VERY DIRTY (I should have taken before photos for my web). It had many black stains from pets and whats not. This was a rental and the carpet was a disastrous. My customer was happy he didn’t need to change the carpets

A Review from an Affilate

Hi DryMaster/Rob “I cleaned an off white Berber wool rug today throughout 2200 SQ FT house. The carpet was FILTY with black traffic areas and lots of dog pee stains that wasn’t cleaned for a 3 years. I was so worried I wont be able to clean it to my satisfaction. My DryMaster machine and the “Formula” detergent

At First Strike

  Hi Eric I sent you the picture of my first job. One pass cleaning transformed this chair to new again. I took a photo just to show you the difference as soon as I hit my machine on the dirty fabric. I cleaned 10 Dining room chairs like these and charged the customer $22

2 Weeks in Business

Hi Eric and DryMaster I’m barely only 2 weeks in business and already completed 5 jobs and there are 3 more lined up for the next couple of days. I appreciate you helping me with this business. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and of course great outcome in just 2 weeks!!   Phillip


Hello Drymaster. I’m enclosing  a review I got from my customer.  I’m sooooo glad I started this business with you guys. I’m only 5 weeks into this business and and thanks to you, I’m doing awesome.  Thank you! Phillip Mason DryMaster of Benton County Here is the review:     “I put off cleaning my
Here’s a customer’s review sent to us by Robert of DryMaster Clean Force…. “Wow is all I can say about Robert and his business. My carpet  looks amazing like the day I installed it.” “Robert did an amazing job on my stair case. My problem started when my movers taped plastic runner with some kind of adhesive on my

Great Profitable Business

Hello DryMaster, I want to share with you my positive experience with my carpet cleaning business. I Started my business 9 months ago with only few thousand dollars in my pocket. I wasn’t sure where this business will take me but something within me told me that I can count on you to get me
professional carpet cleaning before and after photos

Satisfied Customers

My name is Chris and I’m a Drymaster affiliate since 2013. My business is growing by the month! I making the income I couldn’t earn anywhere else. My customers are very satisfied and loyal to me.  I am still astounded how Drymaster equipment and products preform cleaning  jobs! I was at this job on the
Upholstery Cleaning Using DryMaster Technology

Harry Joujan, DryMaster Affiliate

DryMaster cleaning equipment and detergents are the best. Bar none!!  Look at that dirty couch I cleaned today for my customer. He was amazed!! I charged him $330 and complete the all job in less than an hour. He told me that no other cleaner EVER cleaned his couch that clean. If my customer is happy,
Increase Your Profits Per Job With This Money Generating Add-On Service It’s always a pleasure to see how clean and bright carpets look after they have been professionally cleaned. Finally, thanks to advanced technology, now you can keep your customers’ carpets looking bright and clean much longer by applying DryMaster’s Carpet Protector. Your customers will be amazed by the effectiveness
Review from Zion Revivo of Smart & Dry Carpet Care Starting a new business can be very intimidating and confusing, but with DryMaster Systems, we make sure that our affiliates have world-class support and training from the minute they join our family. We give them the vehicle and show them the way to use it.We
how to remove brown water stain
How to remove Browning / Yellow Stains and Water Rings Caused by Water Stains SODIUM BISOLFITE will effectively remove fresh and old water stains/rings from carpeting and fabric surfaces WHAT TO USE: SODIUM BISOLFITE (powder)   YOU WILL NEED: 2-4 oz (Depending on stain severity) of SODIUM BISOLFITE Per one gallon of warm water   DIRECTIONS: STEP

How to remove RUST Stain

WHAT TO USE:  DryMaster RUST BUSTER The DryMaster  RUST BUSTER effectively removes old rust stains that previously could not be removed. DryMaster RUST BUSTER dissolves rust deposits and typically eliminates the discolorations caused by rust. Use DryMaster  RUST BUSTER to remove rust on carpeting, upholstery, concrete floors and tile. HOW TO USE: YOU WILL NEED: (1) SPRAY BOTTLE DryMaster